The login in the main scene is optional and is just a player account to to store your high scores and later on the save games when applicable.

This is an ongoing work in progress that I usually do while streaming in twitch, come along and chat a bit with me.
The first world is built about halfway of the intended larger scope.
All 5 worlds are already planned and in development.


Alone in the desolate reaches of space, you, the last remaining Neon Blitz pilot, faced an overwhelming onslaught of viral globules threatening your home system. Battling through infected territories and haunted cosmic landscapes, your retro-fitted spacecraft could finally reach the colossal, corrupted source of the contagion.

Are you up to the task, or will the corruption devour you as well?

The game play for the Game Jam edition is an endless wave runner with ever increasing difficulty on enemies as I ran out of time to implement the almost ready boss battles.

LMB / A to fire weapon Space.
MMB, Mouse wheel, L1/R1 or Space to select power up.
RMB, L2/R2to  Activate power up.


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Galactice Neon Blitz GDD.rtf 6 kB
Galactic Neon Blitz-GameJam-linux.AppImage 115 MB
Galactic Neon 112 MB
Galactic Neon 117 MB
Galactic Neon Blitz-linux.AppImage 162 MB
Galactic Neon 159 MB
Galactic Neon 163 MB

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Semi hyvältä vaikuttaa.

Kiitokseja, lisää sisältöä ja vaikka ja mitä on tekeillä paraikaa, ulos tulee sitä myöden jahka valmistuu.

login to play? um, no... lol

(1 edit)

It's optional.
To get your player name to the scoreboards instead of a rolling Player####.

It's not necessary to play the game.


Oh, I'll have to have a 2nd look, I was playing on stream live, and just left the comment and quickly moved on to the next game.


And the login is a user account for GDevelop as well as that is the same for all our games (or you can ofcourse make separate ones if you so wish), but basically it's for player account that has personal tags for high scores and in future for save games etc stored in cloud if I make our games to be saved.)


ok, thanks for the info! 


Super super addictive and really well-polished. My only complaint is the lack of player health status, but that didn't stop me sinking at least an hour and a half into this. Huge well done, hope my 2nd place can stay for a lil' while xD

Glad that you liked our game <3

The player health is coming up in the post game jam release as is a lot of other missing features.


awesome game, kinda addictive too! music is great and the little lag and then speed ramp on the enemy missiles was a really cool touch. congrats and good luck with it. solid game.

Thanks, glad you liked our game, there is more to come as we speak as the development is going on while we wait for the game jam to be over so we can upload the new version.


I really liked the concept of the viruses clustering together and how it was implemented through the particle effects, great job!!! My main suggestion would be to introduce some concepts of the game through gameplay. Keep it up :)

So glad you liked our game <3

The concept introducing is something I really have to think about, great idea <3


seems pretty cool, might check later 

i found this through email 💀

Oh do check it out, it's a blast <3


will do 👍

prolly this weekend