Participation to GDevelop Game Jam #3 that is under way at the moment.

A collection of three stories with unique characters and difficulty levels, telling the tale of being miles apart, trying to get back together when there is danger in every corner in the city gone seemingly mad.


First story is of John & Sandi, the newlyweds on a roadtrip. Their car breaks down in a small town. Frankie drops Sandi off to a motel and heads to repair shop.

(Coming soon)Second story you can choose couple’s gender. Frankie and Robin, they bought a ranch. They have errands in a town nearby. Frankie goes to pick up a package from the post office and Robin has a list of stuff to get from the hardware store.

(Coming soon) Final, and the hardest, story is Lucy & Barry. Lucy is visiting her aunt when things start go scary.

Move character:  Arrow Keys / WASD
Answer Calls:  Space
Push enemies:  Right Alt or V, B, N, M
Push objects when suggested:  Right Alt or V, B, N, M


Scoreboard entries not implemented yet but will have world wide leader boards later on.

Unfortunate mishap, the lighting layer was not enabled for the GameJam release, it's a pretty game regardless, the full on lighting support will return after the Jam is over.


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Whoa, I really like this.  I do agree that some guidance for the player would really be a great addition, but this already seems like you've accomplished a lot in 9 days, for a game that seems pretty deep.  I like the whole atmosphere, and this seems like the type of story-based game I'd gravitate towards.  Looking forward to further updates!

Thank you <3
We're really glad that you liked our game.
We will be taking note of the feedback and make changes to accommodate the player more.

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Okay first a review with understanding this was made in 9 days:
Visual: Great graphics, the lighting effects, and style, it reminds me those early 3D rendered games in late 90s and 2000s, Commandos,  Pizza Connection 2, and many others. I like the mix of 3D renders with Pixel Characters, it has a very original vibe to it.
Sound&Story: What a spectacle! great voice acting, and script, Maybe it is not totally original(I am not a fan of surviving in a zombie apocalypses) but the dialogue does make this very intruiging and immersive, pulls you in to the story and makes you want to play it. Great Music, Menu, and game mechanics.

Now a consumer feedback for future updates of the game:
what am I suppose to do? go up? down the street?, a clear indication, "try to make a run for it down the streets" or "find a way through the shop" would be nice.

The point is to find your partner? is that all? one level? I am not critisizing length of game, no, I just don't know the rules of the game.

I also don't know why I can't kill zombies, or why they become ghosts for few seconds.
I think it would be safer to not allow the player to skip the phonecall. Or maybe a way to replay "the recording of the conversation".
There is a little issue, that might happen because of how web apps work: I could not answer the phone for a very very long time. I tried every key combination, nothing worked, when after I read the manual (I know, sorry, ,consumer mindset :) )  and learned that space shoud work it didn't work. I could not answer the first phone call. the next phonecall I think started when I pushed space, but immidiately stopped after I released space....And I think I lost at least two phonecalls that way... I  dont know what is happening :(

Why John has short hair in the picture and long hair in the pixel character? I was confused who am I playing as, at first.

I hope that's helpful. I am looking forward for experiencing the story, it's like a movie!! :)

Thankd for your feedback <3

Yup, it was by design to remind of 90's 2000 rendered graphics in mind.
Great to hear that the sound and voice acting with the story pulled you in, we managed to to achieve expectations.

Ah, sometimes things tend to get too self explanatory when grinding through your own game so you kind of miss that new players don't have that :D

I kind of went with the idea that there is danger, get away from danger, to the only direction that map movement allows.

One level thus far to fin your way to Sandi to find out if she managed to be there too in the end to escape, depends on the few choices made.

As per start of zombie apocalypses go, no one knows how to kill them at first and of course being just a regular young dude no tools for that either.
Pushing them (making transparent for a moment) makes them stagger and blocking the other zombies following if there is a tight spot.

I can assure you, there are a LOT of issues with you describing one of them.
Thank you for noticing and reporting it, it has been added to the list of things to fix.
It is a bug that when you at start answer the call too fast and then skip the dialogue too fast you get to a state machine lock that I only noticed too late to being there.

The story continues, some changes are sure to be made and the rest of the stories uncovered in due time.


Ok this is already so impressive, there is no way I can do it justice at 4 am. I will have to come back to finish it later. GREAT WORK!


Great graphics, sound effects, and perfect atmosphere. 


Great SFXs and overall atmosphere on this one!

Thanks, we loved doing it and will continue making all of the 3 stories available soon.