You have 6 seconds to live and the enemies are closing in.
Your task is to destroy the incoming crappy enemies and by doing so will give you a slight amount of seconds more to live.

Icosahedron bonuses.
Green = Power up
Red = Power down
Blue = Extra time
Amber = Extra weapon

Survive  through the asteroid field to get to the enemy forces and the final boss, and continue through the stages getting ever stronger after each pass.

Happy hunting. <3

Beginning from GMTK Gamejam 2022 make a game in 48h, it placed 1769/6137.
The updated version placed in
2nd place out of 52 entries in the Post Jam "Jam" #5.


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I think it would be better if we didn't always die on 1 hit via an "shield dice" or "hp dice", also enemy bullets are kinda hard to see but other than these it was quite pleasant to play, nice game.

Still early stage work in progress.
I'm not sure what do you mean by "shield dice" or "hp dice" since there are none of those.

If you mean the red, blue, green, yellow booster dices, those affect main weapon power, give more reactor time and give extra weapons.

The white box is a booster box that gives guaranteed booster pickup.

The ships are getting a "second chance" after one hit later on the line of development.

Surface mechanics and new levels are being made too for more variety on game play.

Stay tuned, and glad you liked the game thus far.


Oh, by "hp/shield dice" I didn't mean anything in game at the moment, but I meant those would be cool IF they were in game such as the other dices that already exist.

 Looking forward to "second chance" and/or any other updates as well. Thank you for taking time answering, good days.

Shields are in game already.
The second ship has shields that deflect enemies as extra equipment that can take 5 hits before depleting.
The 4th ship will have a different type of shield which is weaker in protection but deals damage instead of deflection.


Very fun game! i'm almost getting pro at it


Thanks, glad tha you liked it.
Heavily work in progress, so expect huge additions later on...
I got plans and they are awesome ;)


That's a lot of fun. Really like the voice announcements.

Thanks, We really enjoyed making them too.
Stay tuned, the game is about to get enhanced and expanded more in the near future.