1.0 Release of the Game! and the Jam continues.

After a few fumbles and last minute bugs, we managed to iron out the game breaking ones.

Here is the 1.0 version of the game.

We had a REALLY fun time making it in the last 72h and we think we did good on this one considering the time limits and IRL issues.

Have FUN and drop a line <3


GA-ME Web 1.0.2205023.zip Play in browser
May 02, 2022
GA-ME-linux.AppImage 100 MB
May 02, 2022
GA-ME-macos.zip 93 MB
May 02, 2022
GA-ME-windows.zip 96 MB
May 02, 2022
GA-ME-windows.exe 78 MB
May 02, 2022

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